Backflow Mountain Glass Burner

Backflow Mountain Glass Burner

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  • Highly Scented Fragrances

Glass Mountain backflow incense cones burner, made using high quality glass providing an eloquent look in the home / office, especially when a backlow cone has been lit with th esmoke travelling down on to the mountains below filling the bottom half of he burner with smoke.

Its minimalist design complements any deco proving a stylish and safe way to burn your incense cones.

Incense Cones: Light the incense cone, leave the flame for approximately 10 seconds, then blow the flame out leaving a red ember, then place on the top of the burner. Each cone will burn for approximately 10 to 15mins, recommended to burn in a hallway/passage to allow the fragrance to disperse and travel. Smoke from the cone should come out of the top and bottom, landing on the mountain feature within the burner (if using backflow cones).

1 x Burner (cones not included)

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