Vanilla & Amber Candle
Vanilla & Amber Candle

Vanilla & Amber Candle

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The ideal Home Candle in our Vanilla & Amber scent. 

Create warm memories with this rich, yet warm scent. Discover serenity in the rich notes of amber and the delicateness of vanilla in the slow burn. This candle scent will make your home smell like rich amber with hints of vanilla. This smell is perfect for when the crisp, cold air of winter sets in and you need something to lift your spirits and warm up your house at the same time. It's a reminder that fall (and warmer weather) is only around the corner and that we can get through this one last frosty winter.

This unforgettable fragrance will truly transform your space into a luxurious haven. This luxurious scent is made with refined high quality waxes to achieve a long lasting aroma for the home or office.

1 x Candle

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